These are some of the lovely testimonials that people have sent me after attending one of my events or working with me one to one. I treasure every word and every person who sent them. If you are wondering if I can help you #lovebombyourlife I hope you will find an answer and encouragement here. BIG love Susie xo


"What a lovely lady! She listens, she advises from her huge and varied and interesting life experiences, and provides so much hope and love that you feel you can do anything and be a success at it. I was in a major rut before I came to see Susie. She's opened the door onto a new life for me and I am so grateful!" Anna, Surrey


"Sometimes what you are looking for comes when you are not looking at all!  Never has a truer word been said or written and that is exactly what happened to me a few months ago.  I logged onto Streetlife, which I never do, and there it was....'1 space left for 1 lady at our Tuesday evening Gatherings...5 ladies for 5 weeks', without a second thought I typed out a very quick email and before I knew it the space was mine.  I didn't know what to expect, I didn't really know what I wanted to achieve, but all I knew was that I was a bit stuck and needed unsticking...I went along on my first Tuesday evening with an open mind and knew I had made a giant step in my unsticking process.
As soon as Susie greeted me at the door, I felt safe, at home and amongst friends.  Few people come into our lives and have such an impact in such a short space of time, Susie is one of those people and if you are lucky enough to have a chance to meet her, spend time with her and get to know her, you will know what I mean. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her wisdom never ending and kindness is bountiful. 

You are brave, powerful and generous in your crusade to help people #lovebombtheirlives.  I thank you so much for your wise words and guidance.  I hope our connection will continue." Jo, Surrey


"What a powerful, amazing course to re discover yourself. I have been suffering from low self esteem and depression for many years, Susie's course has taught me to rise again and discover my inner abilities and to focus on what I need out of life and to learn to love myself, because it is OK to love me. With a loving secure environment, Susie enables you to talk freely about your fears and makes you discover The Possibilities of a more empowering life. I fully recommend this course to anyone who is unsure or fearful of life . Susie has turned me from IMPOSSIBLE TO KIMPOSSIBLE  💗💗💗💗 " Kim, Surrey


"Thank you Susie - in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness. These past five weeks have made me feel great as I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished a lot with you & for a change I’m proud of myself. I know I must keep working toward my goals, and that there is no right way or wrong in how I arrive, but enjoying all the moments from now, till then, and after are my priority and I can choose.  The future’s bright and I am thankful everyday for every experience and for YOU!  Many love bombs to you.  Thank you.A. Austin FL, USA


"I only have positive feedback!  It’s truly been a fabulous experience.  Our weekly conversations have been like a wave of inspiration and positive energy exactly when I needed it.  You’ve helped me to see opportunities instead of dead ends and to have that little spark of possibility begin to kindle again." Georgie, Berkshire


"I have so thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be in your vicinity..... your energy bubble.....your boundless sphere of love.  I think people like you make the world a better place and it is so inspiring to see someone wholeheartedly living their dreams and carving their own path to happiness.  You are insightful, loving, fun and kind and I truly hope this won't be the end of our connection." Jasmine, London


"When you work with Susie your mind-sets get turned upside down and you have the sometimes disconcerting and wonderful experience of daring greatly. 
She challenges you (and me!) to dare to live a full, loving and courageous life." Victor, Surrey


"I have really enjoyed being part of these sessions. You are a natural coach! You listen with your heart, digest and then come out with fantastic alternative perspectives and inspired suggestions. What an inspiration you are. LOVE personified!" Kathy, London


"Where do I start? I admired so much about you before we'd even met and yet knowing you now I think I most admire your authenticity - I love how real and honest you are. You have made overcoming obstacles seem possible and creating the life of one's dreams while acknowledging the challenges involved. The biggest lesson I will take away is to "express myself".  I have loved watching your gift of love being given to each one of us - your ability to listen and join the dots is remarkable. I love the beautiful haven of epiphanies you have created and your infectious manner of embracing life." Gigi, Surrey


"I greatly admire you as a teacher and guide for bravely leading us with your big, bright heart, powerful knowledge and with such conviction and strength. It's an important lesson as well, that you have to share and not everyone is capable of conveying this knowledge. You are a rare gem and I feel deeply rewarded. Shine on." Kej, Surrey


I've known Susie for around 10 years. She was instrumental in inspiring me to start my own business in 2007. She is brilliant at helping people to find and follow their dreams. Her passion for people is infectious and her energy unbounded. If you are looking for someone to work with on either a one-to-one or group basis, Susie is amazing." Craig, Newcastle


Just finished A Month of Miracles, Wow!!! 

I showed up stressed tired, lost. I was constantly on the go yet getting nowhere. 5 weeks later I am a completely different person. Relaxed, focused, happier. We were such an amazing group of women who I am sure will be friends for ever. Susie held a safe space for us to let go and discover who we are and what we needed. We learned we are not alone and.....we are 'enough' just as we are. We talked, laughed, cried, wrote, and grew.

Highly recommend the workshop. 

Absolutely worth every penny and every second!!!!!

Leslie, Surrey


"A Month of Miracles is a course full of gifts. How wonderful it was to tune into and rediscover desires that have been pushed away for years and to feel deserving of the right to reach for them. I left each session feeling supported and ready to embrace the miracles in everyday life. I loved meeting and sharing these sessions with such lovely, inspiring ladies. I learned so much and have continued to feel the benefits long after this course has finished. Thanks so much Susie!" 

Julie, Hampshire


"I’m so glad I decided to do Month of Miracles ... With Susie's guiding hand and the support of the other ladies in the group, I feel so much more focused on what I want to do and how to do it. Having the daily guide helped me begin each new day with a clear head and a positive attitude. I was even able to get up a bit earlier than normal to make a good start on the day which, not being a morning person, is usually really difficult for me to do. The weekly handouts were brilliant and gave each week a new focus or meaning and I still have them up on my wall encouraging me. Our month was definitely full of miracles, big and small!"   

Kim, Surrey


I had been struggling to find balance and manage my free time well now that my 3 boys are a bit older. I really needed a time to focus on me, along with guidance from the lovely Susie Maguire. A special friendship has emerged between all who attended Month of Miracles and with lots of support, we have all made some big changes. I truly feel I am on the right path to begin some exciting adventures in the near future, a plan for a few years time and can also in the meantime, enjoy the present moment, day to day. I had been dreading the summer holidays but now I feel like there will be less rushing around one minute and feeling bored the next. This course has indeed been a month of miracles! 

Thank you Susie! Xxx  

Tracey, Surrey


"I really enjoyed A Month of Miracles.  Susie is warm and wonderfully inspiring - she creates a nurturing space for women to share and explore their dreams, whilst supporting each other on individual journeys.  If you want more from life, I'd recommend joining this course”.

Marion, Surrey


After being in a seriously bad place place in my life l was introduced to Susie and my life took a different journey.  The 'Gathering' course was a life saviour for me. Without Susie’s life coaching skills l would have gone under! It taught me a lot about myself and gave me confidence and strength to go forward from a breakupand cancer. The 'Journeyto Wholeness'  taught me how to deal with all levels of emotion. Susie’s patience and endless hours of time coaching me life skills l now have a better understanding of who l am and learning to love myself which is very important!

Elaine, Surrey


I have attended several of Susie Maguire's courses and retreats. These have been life changing for me and have served as wonderful tools to enable me to better myself as a person and as a Therapist. I have been to many expensive therapists over the years but never received the insight and nurturing that Susie has provided for me. 

Susie provided a space for me to speak freely about my situation without fear of being frowned upon. If it weren't for Susie, I would still be thinking that certain situations were my fault as I was lead to believe. She gave me back my voice and I absolutely give thanks to this incredible lady. 

Kim, Walton


Just wanted to send you some feedback on all your wonderful events I have attended over the past 18months.

I have attended 2 day long workshops (EPIC day of Awesomeness and 2016 BEST.YEAR.EVER), been on 2 amazing Sacred Space weekend retreats and attended many Monday night #lovebites. I have also taken part in a good handful of Wild Rumpus dance evenings! 

Each and every event has made such a difference to me and my life, in so many different ways. I often look back though my notebooks I have kept along the way and draw so much inspiration from them. I truly am a different person from before I came to know you. You have unlocked in me many little things that were kept hidden, showed me new ways of thinking, and given me the tools to allow myself to be freer. I am a better wife, a better mother but most of all a better lover of myself which is the best gift anyone can be given. You are such an inspiration Susie, we NEED you in this world to make it a better place and to make us better people within it!!

Kim, Woking