Reiki is a beautiful and relaxing process of energy healing. 

It is a gentle hands-on treatment that aims to address energy imbalances in the seven major energy centres known as Chakras (please see more details about the Chakras below.) 

Imbalances, which can be caused by both under-active and over-active Chakra energies, influence your everyday life in small and large ways and can effect your physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Each Chakra influences different parts of the body and different aspects of the self but distortions in one can cause an inbalance in the whole of your energetic body.

A Reiki treatment will highlight where there are blockages in the form of under or over-active energies and allow for a correction to take place - though this can require more than one session if the energy centre, or entire energy body is deeply out of alignment.

A treatment takes 90 minutes as we will need to spend some time together before we begin. It is important for me to understand more about you, what has drawn you to have a Reiki Treatment and what aspects of your energy feel out of alignment to you. 

 I often receive powerful visual messages for the person I am treating that offer important clues about changes they can make in order to live a more joyful life and fulfil the purpose that they came here for. 


The cost of treatments is £60.00. 


To book please drop me an email by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about Reiki, please send me an email or call me on 07824 555211. 




Susie x




A basic description of each Chakra is below:


The Root Chakra is related to our sense of safety and security, our self-love and self-care,

our sense of being lovable, our trust in life and our belief that we have all that we need.

Because this is so much about our sense of safety and security it is also the origin point of

our courage, our “strength” and our ability to face challenges.


The Sacral Chakra is all about our feelings, our playfulness and creativity, our ability to let

go and have fun, it’s about pleasure and passion (in the physical as well as the emotional

sense), it’s about now-ness and presence in the moment, it’s about being open to

possibility and willing to go with the flow in any and all creative endeavours including

physical intimacy.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy centre linked to our WILLpower, our personal

power, our willingness to grow and change, to experiment with life, to explore and step into

the unknown, to discover more and more about who we are, it’s the origin point of our

confidence, our self-discipline, the “fire in our belly”, the belief we have in our ability to

create our reality and the certain knowledge that we, always, have the power to choose

and change. It’s about action, motion, movement, doing things, achievement, moving

forward with plans, projects and passions. It’s the chakra where faith does battle with fear.


The Heart Chakra, unsurprisingly, is all about openness, oneness, connection to and

bonds with others, compassion, love, warmth, joy, sharing, generosity, respect, loving

kindness and acceptance towards self and others. It’s the centre from which we forgive

ourselves and others. It is the greatest source of our peace, tranquility and sense of

wholeness. It is a tremendous wisdom centre when we ask ourselves, when faced with

any choice, “what would love do?”


The Throat Chakra is the energy centre that relates to our authenticity, our willingness to

express ourselves, the honesty we gift to ourselves and others, it’s the origin point for

expressing our you-nique-ness and originality, sharing our knowledge, experience and

know-how, it’s concerned with truth - the seeking of it and the expressing of it. It’s about

integrity and congruence between words and deeds, about being “impeccable with our

words”, appreciating the power words have to wound and to uplift and wielding that power

with love and gratitude. It is also about listening - and allowing others the space to share

and express and honestly be and say what matters and is true for them. It’s the energy

centre concerned with words and how we use them to create a positive and uplifting

environment in us and around us, or a doubting and negative environment for ourselves

and others.


The 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra is the energy centre that transcends time and

concerns itself with wisdom, conscience, justice and ethics. The 3rd Eye is focused on

mindful-ness, living in the moment and presence - not with a focus on playfulness as with

the Sacral Chakra - but with accessing the inner guidance that exists in the quiet of the

moment. This Chakra goes beyond “mind” and “thought” into “knowing” that leads to great

clarity. It is the space in which right brain and left brain merge and achieve “synchronicity”

so that we don’t just see, we also understand. There is an effortlessness to this knowing,

and the ability to see the gift in everything, free of judgement, free from the desire to label

things as right or wrong, good or bad. From our Third Eye comes our inspiration - direct

from our source.


The Crown Chakra is the energy centre that relates to our connection to the one-ness, the

unity, the divine. This is the focal point for BEing and through which we are connected to

everything. From this energy centre we gain a sense of the deeper meaning of life, of the

underlying order of the universe. We can sense timelessness, infinity and eternal life - all

that we have come from and all that we we will return to. It is from a full and flowing Crown

Chakra that we sense, and can be greatly comforted from knowing, that there is a purpose

to all life, to our life and to every part of our journey.