welcome to ...


scroll down for #lovebombs



welcome to ...


scroll down for #lovebombs





Before you go any further ...

I'd love to share THIS gorgeousness! 

This is my venue for  


Stunning three night retreats for women

in the sublime White Cabin

Winchelsea, East Sussex

Details of future retreats can be found here




and now ... 


What does it mean to #lovebombyourlife?

It means letting go of old stuff that doesn't help you feel alive ... habits and ways of being that no longer serve, old thinking patterns that are getting in your way, hard times that have made a home in your heart. 

It means talking nicely to yourself and not having a running commentary of horribleness in your head. 

It means giving yourself permission to do the stuff that would make you feel alive.

It means daring to dream and allowing yourself the possibility of having everything your heart calls out for and it means doing the scary things needed for you to realise those dreams.

It means believing in yourself, trusting yourself, STARTING!, DOING! It means getting beyond fear, doubt, disappointments and failures.

It means grabbing your one EPIC and awesome life and choosing to LIVE it.


Here are a few things that I believe about you

There is a reason why you're here. Now. 

There is a thing that only you can do.

There are people waiting for you to do the thing that only you can do.

You're important.

What you do matters.

and whether you're happy matters.

When you are doing your thing and being fully you,

the world is a better, brighter more magical place

because if you're doing your thing, you feel

Brave.  Authentic. Power-full. Energetic. Excited. Inspired. EPIC! Bold. Awesome. Loving. Happy.

And that's amazing!

For you and for everyone around you. Which is all of us.


Are you ready to #lovebombyourlife and get out from under things that are stopping you and keeping you stuck ... and not as happy as you can and should be?


If you are, then I invite you to explore the workshops on offer here.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about me and see what others have said about working with me here.

And if you still have questions get in touch via email here or text/call me on +44 7824 555211.


I hope you will decide to #lovebombyourlife and help make the world bigger, better and brighter for us all!  

Here is a little musical encouragement in case you need it! Because "You are the universe and there ain't nothing you can't do!"

You are the universe and there ain’t nothing you can’t do
— The Brand New Heavies