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Here's what some of the fabulous women who have already attended some of my workshops have to say ... 


 “Today has been totally awesome! Thank you so much for such an inspiring day. I will take away so much from this experience and now have a plan that I will put into action - starting tomorrow! It has been wonderful spending the day with such a nice group of women. Thank you Susie for such a brilliant workshop.” Mel


"EPIC and awesome!! LOVED it! Enlightening, fun and insightful facilitation." Kathy


“I’ve had an amazing day. Lots and lots to think about and act upon. My belly is definitely on fire and I feel so positive about what I can achieve. Sometimes it’s all so overwhelming that you need help teasing it all apart. I’ve dumped some stuff today. #lovebomb back atcha and THANK YOU” Kim


“WONDERFUL!! Trying to think of one stand out thing … ALL OF IT. THANK YOU wonderful lady.” Emma


"What an amazing and powerful day, everything flowed together beautifully. You inspired me and I feel stronger, more grounded and very positive about the future. Oh and your meditations are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carol



Sounds wonderful doesn't it?


Here's what's on offer in the coming weeks.





It’s my life!

Two day workshop


Joseph Campbell famously said “It is the privilege of a lifetime to be who you are.”

That’s 100% true in my book. 

I also believe that Oscar Wilde was right when he said ... 

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist. That is all.” 

And ... well ... that’s just not how it should be! 

If you agree, join me for two amazingly magical and mischievous days to make sure you are fully living and making the absolute most of your precious life.

What are we going to do? 

We’re going to meet, meditate, dare, dance, hug, help, love, laugh, get loud, connect, cry, be brave, bold and bodacious! We’re going to get ALIVE and revel in the wonder and wonderfulness of it. 


This is what the two days look like in detail .... 

Day 1 - Morning

Life testing - We begin by going through a process of life testing, where we will have the chance to evaluate our levels of happiness across all aspects of our life, identifying what is and what is not working for us, identifying the things we love, the things we loathe and the things we need and want to change.

Owning it - we have the ultimate responsibility for our life and everything we do or don’t do, feel or don’t feel, say or don’t say, think or don’t think, experience or don’t experience. It’s all down to us. The Uncle Ben saying from Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility” is flipped on its head to “with great responsibility comes great power”. When you take responsibility, you claim your power. 


Day 1 - Afternoon 

I’m a believer - the afternoon starts by digging into our beliefs and evaluating what they are. Unconscious beliefs drive all thoughts and behaviours, this afternoon we will challenge limiting beliefs and begin to choose and start migrating towards new, positive and powerful beliefs. 

The Yellow Brick Road - Happiness is a path we can choose, in the second part of the afternoon we will be working out what our path is and how to set course for, and stay on the path.


Day 2 - Morning 

Leaps of faith - too often we let the ‘not knowing what will happen’ stop us in our tracks, this morning we’ll be talking about, and taking, some leaps of faith so that we can and will more confidently and consistently take them in everyday life.

#bemoreyou - what the world needs is all of us being our truest self. We are at our happiest and most fulfilled when we are being our authentic self - but the world is full of people wearing all kinds of masks, keeping all kinds of things hidden and refusing to read certain chapters out loud. In this session we will all be supported and encouraged to let ourselves really be seen. 


Day 2 - Afternoon 

You’ve got a friend in me - if you want to go fast - go alone, if you want to go far, go together. This afternoon we will begin by exploring the importance of connection to all of our long term happiness and well being. 

More than I thought I could be - the final part of the event will take the lid off the our idea of what’s possible when we believe, when we choose to own our experiences, when we are authentically ourselves and when we collaborate and work with others.


You’ll have the most uplifting and life affirming time, meet and connect with other incredible souls and come away inspired and sparkling with life and enthusiasm for all life has to offer you and all you have to offer life! 

PLUS you can have a free swim and sauna before we start or after we finish on both days, and there’s FREE parking and a follow up fire by the river one month after the workshop! 

Join me and come have an amazing couple of days, all about you, all about your life, all about what you love.

The dates are:-

22nd and 23rd September or

20th and 21st October


We'll be together 9am to 5pm on both days.


Both workshops will be held at The River Bourne Health Club in Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9DR

The fully inclusive price is £397 with a super duper early bird price of £297 for bookings before 10th September.

Please call or text on 07824 555211 or email me here if you have any questions or would like more information. 


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Can’t wait to see you there!












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