Sacred Space Retreats


stop. breathe. relax.


Three night retreats for women

at the stunning

White Cabin

Winchelsea, East Sussex




What is Sacred Space?


Sacred Space is a weekend where a small group of women gather by the sea, in a stunning white space to co-create deep calm and connection. Within and between each other.


It is a weekend where we :


create space to stop, breathe, relax and explore.


move as our spirits desire  

walking - dancing - stretching


open and express ourselves

meditate - talk - create 


blend nature and nurture to re-establish a connection with mother earth and her healing energies and raise our vibration


nourish ourselves with amazing food, good sleep and great company 


The weather always seems to be perfect - allowing us to dance on the beach, meditate under the stars, watch the sunset or the moon rise over the sea and even sleep outside on the deck directly under the sky and enjoy every ounce of every day.



What’s included?


Three nights and two full days of beautiful space, with gentle, loving nurturing and nourishing.



The stunning White Cabin is home for these weekends as wild women meet shabby chic in a space that helps us let go of the world beyond as it wraps us in its beauty and comfort.

(all rooms are shared)


All meals, snacks and soft drinks

Vegetarian, organic, deeply nourishing and very delicious meals are provided 3 times a day as are all liquid refreshments apart from alcohol ...  which you are welcome to bring if you wish :-)


Wide open space in the great outdoors

We gather on the beach, under the clear sky, in the garden and enjoy the wonder of the natural world.

We spend all of our days and nights in a state of flow, in a state of divine timing, in a state of pure being.

No schedule. No should, must or have to do. 

Breathing deeply. Relaxing fully. Listening to the moment by moment urges of our soul. Surrendering to our natural rhythms. Allowing anything. 

These are agenda-less retreats. Full of possibility and opportunity and wrapped in timelessness and nothingness.

A truly Sacred Space. 


Why open space? 

I love "Open Space", the simple idea of which is "whoever comes are the right people and whatever happens is the right thing". 

Sacred Space is an Open Space.

Into which you can flow - gently, quietly, peacefully, fully. 

A space so free of noise that you are able to hear the pulse of your heart's desires, the voice of your spirit whispering words of love and truth, and the wise and certain knowing of your highest self. 

How does it work?

We gather in a small group … just 8 women … in the stunning white cabin near the sea on Friday evening and we let our journey unfold over three nights and two days together and individually. 

You are always free to do whatever you want - meditate, talk, do powerful visualisations, rest, walk, dance, process, read, write, paint, let go, listen, sleep - so that all of your being flows only in the ways it wishes to. 

We leave on Monday mornings transformed - deeply connected to ourselves and our inner wisdom. Trusting in flow and divine timing. Prepared to allow more of both in our lives. 



What's possible within 'open space'?


The Gathering process is powerful, magical and a little mysterious. You may feel like nothing at all is happening. But it is. At a deep level. In a way that changes how you see yourself, the world, other people and life. In a way that makes you feel lighter, brighter, shinier, open to possibility, excited about your life, your possibilities, your future. With a light hand on the tiller, I guide conversations that will illuminate your innate wisdom and knowing and allow you to connect to yourself and others. 

The process is beyond beautiful. 


Guided meditations

To help relax, let go, reimagine and re-ignite there are guided meditations available for those that wish to participate. 



If like me, you love to move, then you will always have the chance to dance. 

We take our music to the beach and dance under the sun and even the stars and moon.



I offer everyone a beautiful Reiki treatment to help align Chakras and join the energy body to the mind, body and spirit in our exploration and expansion.



Lots and lots of laughter! 




This is a beautiful space indeed.



the price for all of this lusciousness? 





We have no retreat dates planned right now, but if you would like to know as soon as dates are announced then please sign up below for my newsletter. 


BIG love