#lovebombyourlife one-to-one coaching

I work with both men and women, in the UK and internationally offering one-to-one coaching sessions in person (UK only), via Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone. 

A sample of feedback from some of the amazing people I have had the honour and privilege of working with recently includes:


"Thank you Susie - in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness. These past five weeks have made me feel great as I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished a lot with you & for a change I’m proud of myself. I know I must keep working toward my goals, and that there is no right way or wrong in how I arrive, but enjoying all the moments from now, till then, and after are my priority and I can choose.  The future’s bright and I am thankful everyday for every experience and for YOU!  Many love bombs to you.  Thank you.A. Austin FL, USA


"I only have positive feedback!  It’s truly been a fabulous experience.  Our weekly conversations have been like a wave of inspiration and positive energy exactly when I needed it.  You’ve helped me to see opportunities instead of dead ends and to have that little spark of possibility begin to kindle again." Georgie, Berkshire


"When you work with Susie your mind-sets get turned upside down and you have the sometimes disconcerting and wonderful experience of daring greatly. 
She challenges you (and me!) to dare to live a full, loving and courageous life." Victor, Surrey


"What a lovely lady! She listens, she advises from her huge and varied experiences and provides so much hope and love that you feel you can do anything and be a success at it. I was in a major rut before I came to see Susie.  She's opened the door to a new life for me and I am so grateful." Anna, Surrey



#lovebombyourlife one-to-one coaching options include:




This is a one off 90 minute #lovebomb-blast to get you out of, into or up for something! It's for when you need to screw your courage to the sticking place and trust that you won't fail. It's for when you need to gather your superpowers into concentrated YOU-ness so that you can make something EPIC happen. It's for when you know what you want to do, and you're ready to do it, but you need the fire in your belly stoked to the point of no return, you need someone to remind you that it is going to be better than fine and that you should JUST DO IT!! 


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 This is three 90-minute #lovebomb blasts over three weeks and it's for you if you are on the verge of doing something, or are really close to clarifying what you want to do, but need a little help to get over the edge and START or LEAP. It's for when you're sooooooo close but those niggly fears and doubts have you in their grip. I can help you break free so that you trust that you will be fine, your wings will appear and you are more than capable of doing whatever is needed! 


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 This is five 90-minute #lovebomb-blasts over five weeks. It's for when you know there's something you're supposed to be doing but you're not sure what it is or you don't dare to allow the possibility of your dream to surface or you do know what it is but for some reason you are sticky-stuck and not getting it done. It's for when you are determined to make your life different but need encouragement and support to:

- unearth the unique YOU-thing that you are supposed to be unleashing on the world,

- make a plan and

- start making it happen.


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This is ten 90-minute #lovebomb-blasts over ten weeks. This is for you if you need to seriously up-end what is, in order to get to what can be! It's for you if you feel lost or as though you have taken a wrong turn somewhere back down the line. You may be unhappy or unfulfilled in a number of aspects of your life and want to hit the refresh button. Week on week I will be there to support you to get clear about your passions and your priorities and to make a plan that will get you from feeling lost to feeling alive. If you feel the need for some serious life-changing then this is the package for you.



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