Are you ready to #lovebombyourlife?

Here's what some of the fabulous women who have already attended some of my workshops have to say


 “Today has been totally awesome! Thank you so much for such an inspiring day. I will take away so much from this experience and now have a plan that I will put into action - starting tomorrow! It has been wonderful spending the day with such a nice group of women. Thank you Susie for such a brilliant workshop.” Mel


"EPIC and awesome!! LOVED it! Enlightening, fun and insightful facilitation." Kathy


“I’ve had an amazing day. Lots and lots to think about and act upon. My belly is definitely on fire and I feel so positive about what I can achieve. Sometimes it’s all so overwhelming that you need help teasing it all apart. I’ve dumped some stuff today. #lovebomb back atcha and THANK YOU” Kim


“WONDERFUL!! Trying to think of one stand out thing … ALL OF IT. THANK YOU wonderful lady.” Emma


"What an amazing and powerful day, everything flowed together beautifully. You inspired me and I feel stronger, more grounded and very positive about the future. Oh and your meditations are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carol



Sounds wonderful doesn't it?


Here's what's on offer in the coming weeks.






Do you feel stuck? Bored? Lost?

In need of a fresh start?

In need of more clarity?

In need of support and encouragement?


Then join me and together we can begin the journey to make 2017 your best year ever.

2017 can be the year that you get clear about what you want, get things done, change your habits, start afresh and really step into the life you've long wanted to live and become the you that you've long wanted to be?

Sound good?

Then A Month of Miracles is for you. 


A couple of the women who attended the last Month of Miracles had this to say about the experience ... 

"A Month of Miracles is a course full of gifts. How wonderful it was to tune into and rediscover desires that have been pushed away for years and to feel deserving of the right to reach for them. I left each session feeling supported and ready to embrace the miracles in everyday life. I loved meeting and sharing these sessions with such lovely, inspiring ladies. I learned so much and have continued to feel the benefits long after this course has finished. Thanks so much Susie!" Julie 


"I’m so glad I decided to do A Month of Miracles ... With Susie's guiding hand and the support of the other ladies in the group, I feel so much more focussed on what I want to do and how to do it. Having the daily guide helped me begin each new day with a clear head and a positive attitude. I was even able to get up a bit earlier than normal to make a good start on the day which, not being a morning person, is usually really difficult for me to do. The weekly handouts were brilliant and gave each week a new focus or meaning and I still have them up on my wall encouraging me. Our month was definitely full of miracles, big and small!" Kim

I am inviting you to join me for the 5-week Month of Miracles event where we will

• get really clear about what we are going to manifest in our lives

• avoid the single biggest mistake people make when setting intentions

• supercharge our dreams and intentions with not only our own positive thoughts and energies, but with the thoughts and energies of the whole group - we will amplify each others desires and broadcast on full volume to the universe - this will be the superest-support group ever! Whatever you want to achieve this is the place to be. 

• powerfully step into our worthiness and open wide to receive all the goodness that awaits - the absolutely critical and often overlooked step in manifesting our miracles

• celebrate every success for every one of us

• raise your vibrational energy so you are aligned with all the goodness that wants to come to you

• see and experience magic and miracles every day!  

We are so powerful! And together we are unstoppable! If you have things you really want to do, feel and be this year then join me and make this your year of magic and miracles! 

Our 5 weeks together will start on 29th June and finish on 27th July.  

A second Month of Miracles will also be running on Sundays (also 10am - noon starting 2nd July) if weekdays don't work for you.

The cost of the 5-week program, including all sessions, all materials and all the support that you'll receive in between our meet-ups is £125.

There are only 6 places available so if you want to join me please RSVP asap to secure your place. 

If it's hard for you to make regular meetings and you would prefer a one-to-one 5-week Month of Miracles coaching plan I have a few coaching places available so please drop me an email. I'd be delighted to talk to you. 

Join me! 

BIG love

Susie xox


Sunday morning booking link

Thursday morning link


If it's hard for you to make regular meetings and you would prefer a one-to-one 5-week Month of Miracles coaching plan I have a few coaching places available so please drop me an email.  I'd be delighted to talk to you. 



Would you like to feel

more secure

more confident 

more creative 

more open to love

better able to achieve your goals

able to speak out instead of swallowing your words and

able to trust your instincts and intuition?


Then join me for this powerful two-part Journey to Wholeness and start to take some big steps towards #beingmoreyou.


Journey to Wholeness is a two-day program that traverses the seven major energy centres (Chakras) of the body/spirit.

When all of our chakras are open, aligned and fully energised we flow and our life flows - we are connected to the deepest, wisest, most knowing part of ourselves, we feel confident in ourselves and in life and our life is a full and brilliant expression of our truest self. 

Over the course of the two-days we will explore each Chakra (starting at the Root or Base) and learn

- what each energy centre does 

- how our energy centres can become blocked

- how blocked energy influences our life 

- what it looks and feels like to have our energy flowing freely and powerfully

- how to energise and open each of the chakras

We will learn about the food, exercises, essential oils, crystals and rituals that help to keep each, and therefore us, vibrant. 

This course runs on 2 consecutive Sundays and will give you everything you need to begin a journey that can be beautifully healing and liberating, clearing blockages and energising you in every way.  

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to call me - 07824 555211 or email me - 

There are a maximum of 6 places available for this Journey so if you would like join me, please follow this link and book your place. 

Journey to Wholeness booking link. 


The price for this lovely two part Journey to Wholeness is just

£200 and includes 

- two full days of learning, sharing and experiencing 

- notes on each of the Chakras

- a guided meditation for the Root Chakra 

- a set of 7 daily affirmations, one for each Chakra and

- 25% off Reiki treatments for the month during and after the course

I hope you'll join me for what is going to be a truly gorgeous Journey to Wholeness


BIG love

Susie xox



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