In the last year I have discovered the immense power of letting go. 

We only imagine we are in charge. 

More wonder has come into my world in the last year because I let go. 

I realised that the only thing I hadn't tried was "not trying". As soon as I tried that, the magic started. 

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, if it isn't working or isn't feeling good, I highly recommend letting go, slowing down, asking for guidance and then say YES to whatever turns up. 

I said YES to something I never thought could be a "thing" and I am stunned and amazed and excited by the "thing" that is emerging! 

Here's a sneak peek - of something that has come to life in my world - as naturally as if I am breathing! - A year ago I could not have imagined this, I am still not quite sure how it's happened, but I am delighted beyond imagining that it has and crazily excited for where this is going to go! 

Stay tuned. 


Maybe let yourself surrender too? 

BIG love

Susie xox